Whether it serves in an industrial, oil-gas, marine, nuclear, military, or municipal environment, the High Velocity Pump is the ideal choice for providing large flow capabilities to different firefighting applications.

Pump Applications Skids

Skid Units

Up to 6250 GPM NFPA 1901

US Fire Pump Skid Units provides high velocity pump performance in a small self-contained package, built from the strongest materials to ensure maximum integrity and durability.

Pump Applications Fire Apperatus

Fire Apparatus

Up to 6000 GPM NFPA 1901

The midship pump is designed to be rated from 5250 to 6000 GPM per the current edition of NFPA 1901. This pump includes a gearbox system for midship split drive line driven chassis installations.

Pump Applications Marine


Up to 6250 GPM NFPA 1901 or 1925

Whether it is the Direct Engine Mounted Pump or the PTO Drive pump, each will integrate into your firefighting system giving you the superior performance needed for large fire incidents.